The belt sander is a great tool to have around the household as it can be helpful is accomplishing a number of weekend projects. It can be used for a wide variety of tasks such as grinding away excess door panels to fixing doors that sick on to the wall. Having a belt sander at home will sure make our lives easier and get time consuming jobs done faster. The belt sander is a tool used for sanding surfaces to get a better finish or just simply sanding away unwanted areas. It consists of two rotating drums around which a sanding belt is wrapped, the drums rotate at a very high RPM which causes the grinding action. The drums are designed to reduce friction and ensure smooth rotation. Here are some of the best uses of a belt sander.

Re-Finish wood or Metal

It is mainly used to sand large surfaces such as doors and furniture. The belt is made from sandpaper and has different types of grits. The grit is chosen according to the type of sanding required. For removing protective coatings larger and heavier grits are used while lighter grits are used for finishing shelves and sanding cabinets. Sandpapers also differ on the type of material to be sanded. Find the best wood and metal-belt sanders on



When wooden furniture are used for a long time, they loose their shine and gloss, a belt sander is the best way to give your old furniture a brand new look . It can be used to remove deep stains without damaging the furniture. The belt sander with a light grit leaves a smooth and new finish. A belt sander can save you a lot of time by making these simple tasks much easier. How can a belt sander benefit in the renovation and repairing process? Check the answer for your complete guide.

Doors that stick

It is very common for doors to stick to their frames due to minor size issues and also due to the seasonal change that makes wood expand and shrink during different climates. Belt sander is the perfect tool for correcting this issue as its fine grit belt  sands away the excess wood and make sure that the door perfectly fits. The belt sander is mostly used for large flat surfaces and can shave a fraction of an inch off any piece of wood. They are one of the most powerful sanders out there due to their higher amperage rating. Not only do they have so much power but they are also hand-held devices. Even with all that power it can still shave a quarter of an inch off from a door panel.


Splinter removal

It is common for wooden panels to have splinters on them and it hurts bad too, The belt sander can sand away these splinters and leave asmooth finish.